Mastering: Cordey Lopez
Artwork: Sopeng

from the label:

“Alkisah” is the new album by acclaimed Indonesian duo Senyawa. It’s being co-released by 44 different labels around the world, and the Russian-Spanish School of the Arts presents a Russian version on cassette (warning: all text is in Cyrillic). It also has two extended remixes: Moa Pillar’s 12-minute heavenly ambient, and Ivan Zoloto’s 24-minute poisonous drone collage.

Senyawa’s music combines extended vocal techniques of Rully Shabara and homemade instruments built and played by Wukir Suryadi. It exists on the outer edges of tribal, industrial, improv, psych and heavy drone.

Recommended if you like: Sun City Girls and any Bishop brothers projects, Phurpa, Ghédalia Tazartès, Keiji Haino, Tony Conrad, Stephen O’Malley, etc.