Clock Resistance

Artwork: Helge Reumann

Релиз доступен для предварительного заказа. Дата доставки 25 сентября 2020 / This title is available for pre-order, release (shipping) date 25 september 2020


Cassette only in an edition of 125


from the label:


Formed by Swiss post-metal veterans from Knut and Abraham, strom|morts’ goal is to compose music inspired by their Alpine environment and its weather, which glides over impassive mountains, evolving with the seasons. Such a landscape encourages deep listening – minimalist musics whose subtle evolutions reveal themselves over several minutes, disturbing the perception of time passing or even provoking, through deep and sustained concentration, a meditative state.

strom|morts write: “Clock Resistance is all about time and chaos, reflecting the behaviour of nature around us, embodying the cycles of life and death. The sinister yin yang of strom|morts symbolising the source and the end of everything we have known so far. Two drones were composed as an
embodiment of this concept. This record was mainly made with modular synths for their flexibility, but you can hear here and there the ghost of
a Moog Voyager. One drone is totally synced, the other one is free. One
side’s got a guitar, the other one is synths only. Achieving symmetry, the two drones have the same timing.” – strom|morts, Conthey, Switzerland,
19 May 2020.