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HYPEREMIA is a tribute to the contemporary club scene with a variety of experimentation and mixing of genres from around the world such as dancehall, reggaeton, baile funk, gabber, dnb, breakcore and various experimental beats.

Each soundtrack is a collection of signs, symbols, fantasies and ideas about the current club sound, filled with strong emotions and experiences that have accumulated over the past year in a limited space and partial loneliness.

This album is an attempt to return to the sound environment (both physically and mentally) and experience a strong shock and hard input from the fact that at last the long-awaited rough gigs have been delivered. Moreover, the entrance is so exciting that even organs or body cavities begin to fill with blood, bursting your soul and your mind, cracking your bones.
The desire to feel so strongly immersed in the sound environment has become a fetish, psychosis, a dream.

The only guest artist on this album is Elvin Brandhi. The track - Evil Gang was written by us in about one fleeting evening, in which I was lucky enough to meet her during our performances at the Nyege Nyege Festival 2019 in Kampala, Uganda.