Artwork: Notcareboy

from the label:

Russia's angelwave princess Polina Zhukova AKA ccontrary stepping up with a dreamy LP for ПИР that follows her excellent mixes on NTS and Rinse and an EP on Los Angeles' TAR label.

"ADHD" was inspired not by the disorder as such but rather by childhood in general, growing up as a concept. And the music here has just the right amount of that naivety; it's atmospheric and nostalgia-inducing. There's a firm nod to early 90s chillout, as well as contemporary trance mutations, Shanghai scene, conceptronica, and even dusty 2-step flex that brings Burial to mind.

This is a concise and strong gesture from a young artista coming into her own. See you in post-COVID chillout rooms and at those Minecraft raves that we'll surely see more of