Beating The Odds

Artwork: Saïcha

В наличии все четыре вариант оформления. Если вы хотите приобрести конкретный вариант, то укажите в комментарии при заказе. В противном случае, вы получите тот вариант, который выберет наша нейросеть.


from the label:


Synalegg joins Conditional with ‘Beating The Odds’, a work of eroded rhythm and beauty. Across 23 minutes of scratched texture and vertiginous sequencing, Synalegg excavates sounds and patterns from a bedrock of raw data refracted through an arduous chain of destruction and reconstruction.

‘Aftermath’ opens the album with insistent percussion obscured by layers of dust and grit, wiping just enough dirt off of the surface to allow a window into a sound world of tightly controlled chaos. ‘Engineer’ allows a mournful melody to emerge out of the maelstrom, gathering up the ground as it goes. ‘Barricades’ introduces a mutant bassist to the ensemble, thrumming against a granular tide of white noise and stuttering rhythm.

Underneath the surface lies a pulsing heart of unique melody and driving rhythm, as if found buried under generations of rain and moss and given new life, embracing its erraticities. Beating The Odds is a startling collection of truly original music, at once familiar and unknown.