Capitalism or Death (an evening on the dusk of capitalism)

Mastering: Alexander Pustynsky

from the label:


«В лесу можно было найти гильзу размером с две буханки хлеба. Вокруг озера и болота, свет преломляется, а громадные птицы отлетают к лучам, которые через облака прорезаются. Зачерпываешь ил со дна озера, а в нем ржавые патроны. Раскаты грома или взрывы. Все постоянно ждали окончания света»

In addition to all the threatening events, another debut album released on CANT, this time the project Kraaa from Minsk raised Moscow based Vika or even Viktoria

The album is called Capitalism or Death, but I see the key to its understanding in the union-layer (you call it conjunction I suppose) "or" in between, standing at the crossroads of these states (and republics), which are already bored to death the humanity. Phrase itself does not symbolize a choice or its absence, in the context of sounding music it is rather a path where the starting point is exactly in the middle, the short sharp word which divide.

Due to the given trajectory, listening to it fragmentarily makes almost no sense — this is a journey that winds in itself, leading you every time along a new route. In this uncertainty of the purpose of one's existence, the collection point here is an innate dichotomy, as only strategy to survive in this album.

In terms of references or genres.. don't know ...
It's a very lively, beautiful and really sad album. Uncertainty, fragility, shyness and total openness are collapsing into solid strength. So, yes, have a listen.