Hudson Glover

Comma Comma

Mastering: Hudson Glover
Artwork: Standard Grey

from the label:
Muzan is very proud to bring you Hudson Glover's experimental masterwork, Comma Comma, a joyfully ambitious exercise in musical play. Glover employs polyrhythms, Reich-inspired arpeggiations, and tempos that seem to fall in and out of time with themselves, all while using a dizzying variety of instruments to create a vibrant and colorful mosaic of musical experience.
From the artist: "This album cycles through 7 modes of a unique 11-limit tuning system. 12 just intonated intervals were chosen by ear and through harmonic exploration through combining intervals from the overtone and undertone series. The scale's most idiosyncratic feature is its extensive use of the comma interval (81/80 or 21.5 cents), which provides most of the harmonic dissonance and irregular beating between notes. This piece is also a study on rhythmic phasing and sequencing in which there is no constant time measure or tempo."