Marie Rose Sarri


Mastering: Glyn Maier
Artwork: RJM Vanderheyden

from the label:


Enmossed x Psychic Liberation (ENXPL) is pleased to present the first section of "Micro", a trittico (three-part operatic suite) by Afro-Belgian, Italy-based musician, composer, sound designer and music art therapist Marie Rose Sarri. With extensive academic training and now helming the well-equipped studio FixInTheMix LABS, Marie Rose creates music in "a 360° mode". Sarri expresses a cultivated sonic curiosity across commissioned pieces for radio, television, film, installations, and festivals, as well as through a variety of monikers (Marie e le Rose, Moon RA, MonoLogue, and more) in the form of numerous releases for labels worldwide.

"Controvento" is a 40-minute electro-acoustic surround-sound composition marked by meticulous sound design and elegant progression. Combining modern computer-based composition methods with traditional analog processing, the stereo mixdown presentation of "Controvento" is warmly inviting, floating the listener across breezy vistas. A subtle foreboding provides a counterpoint to playful whispers and whooshes, harkening to both Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) and basement ambient tapers of the latter half of the 20th century. But Marie Rose's masterful execution places "Controvento" in a class of its own, a singular piece centered in the present day.

The track was created on the occasion of one of the composer's two electroacoustic composition exams and it was performed, in its quadraphonic version, in the "L. Cherubini" Conservatory in Florence in 2019.