Nazanin Noori


Mastering: Martijn Comes

from the label:


A series of bleak, blustery scenes make up Nazanin Noori’s Farce. Noori, who also works as a theater director, conjures glacial storms and buzzing subterranean server farms on this album; but such scenes were far from the artist’s guiding narrative as it was being produced. The two tracks, clocking in at 80 minutes total, were envisioned as an enraged argument (or a "modular heartbreak") unfolding between two groups of people about a pothole in the road, told from the perspective of the road, and then the pothole.

This surreal, mundane plot device is nowhere to be found on Farce in any concrete way. And this is intentional. Noori, inspired by Artaud's concept of the theatre of cruelty, wants listeners to develop their own sensorial world separate from the musician's. When not darkly ambient, the tracks are full of drama and whimsy, as if a spotlight is following a character along a wayward path, into the hands of fate. The emotional hooks in the sound include a sense of desperate desolation, optimistic reprieve, and of course, the sense that ritual repetition is both a curse and a blessing—but they resist obvious imagery. Exactly what kinds of characters or settings get hung on the album's scaffolding is up to the audience. Listening with a hi-fi sound-system is highly recommended.

Nazanin Noori is an Iranian artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. Her work includes theater and radio play direction, music, and text. She focuses on atmospheric narratives in sound, and works to overcome cultural reliance on sentiment by making dramatic adaptations of non-dramatic texts. She studied theater, film and media sciences at Goethe University in Frankfurt and worked at Deutsches Theater and Schauspiel Hannover. She currently selects Acid Folk for POMP, a sound scenario series on Retreat Radio, and is an artist-in-residence at the Young Academy of the Arts in Berlin.