Li Jianhong

Father, and a wild trail zigzagging down

Mastering: A.P.
Artwork: Li Jianhong

from the label:
Originally from Hangzhou, now relocated in Beijing since 2011,
 Li Jianhong is one of the most influential sound artists in China.

First studying Fine Arts and Chinese painting in the 90’s while playing in rock’n’roll bands, he discovered noise guitar, harsh noise and free improvisation, as the internet became widely available in China at the time.
A key player in the development of the local noise scene, in 2003 he founded experimental label 2pi Records and the 2pi Festival, dedicated to avant-garde music, which he held in Hangzhou until 2007.
 Under his own name or as one half of grindcore duo D!O!D!O!D!, he quickly built himself a solid reputation outside of China as a distinctive voice in modern noise.
From 2008, together with Wei Wei, his wife and partner in the duo Mind Fibre, he started working around the idea of environment improvisation, a concept inspired by "Chinese traditional culture, like Buddhism and zen, ancient Chinese literature and paintings on the subject of landscapes, ghost stories and legends of ancient times, as well as [his] personal experiences – this combination of things."

We are very pleased and honoured to be able to present this new album, recorded at various venues during his first european tour in 2018.