Danketsu 10

From a distance, everything shines

Mastering: Felix Salazar

from the label:


The work of the Danketsu group - formerly 9, now 10 - has always revolved around ideas of unity, inclusion and equality. Their latest, completely improvised album titled From a distance, everything shines embodies these ideals; in the subtlety of each contribution, the gentleness of each performer, the willingness to contribute to something greater than each member on their own. The music here is largely graceful, sublime, almost peaceful, and even the more harrowing moments dissolve into a conclusion that's uplifting. The title of the track “ชั่วเจ็ดทีดีเจ็ดหน” is a Thai Buddhist proverb which translates to “Bad seven times, good seven times”. Patrick Shiroishi, the leader of the group, explains that to him this means that “there is something good even in a bad situation.”

'From a distance, everything shines' is the third release of the Danketsu group. As Danketsu 9, they released albums on Never Anything Records and Patient Sounds. This album is their first as Danketsu 10.

In memory of Lesanu "Sonny" Abegaze