It Only Gets Worse

Heathen Days


from the label:

A collaboration between US Poet Matt Finney & NL based Maurice de Jong (Gnaw Their Tongues)

26 minutes, with the programme repeated on side b

Ocard, postcard art, printed labelling, presentation envelope (washer & strings)

''IT ONLY GETS WORSE. This record was finished in december 2019 but live/things got in the way. But its here now. Again… bleak and beautiful poetry by my friend Matt Finney. The way Matt’s evokes tons of emotions with just a few word still amazes me. With the music I tried to capture Matt’s words. I used strange and obscure sound sources old rehearsal tapes...ah well nobody needs to know anyway..all nostalgia and melancholy...It’s not a happy fact it depresses the hell out of me...perfect for 2020 I guess...