Mastering: James Plotkin
Artwork: SavX

from the label:


Founded in Lisbon, 2018, Candura is Andre Hencleeday and Pedro Coragem. Their debut recording, “/I”, was released through GreySun Records (Portland, OR, USA) in October of the same year. In 2019, the duo presented a new composition live at Galeria Zé dos Bois, Out.fest, Amplifest and during the closing of Rui Chafes’ exhibition “Desenho sem fim (Endless Drawing)” at Casa da Cerca. This piece now becomes the duo’s second published work, “/II”.

Rui Chafes writes: “Candura is a mountain. It is also a deep forest, full of strobe shadows and dark roots falling from the sky. This music takes us to a pure and untouched space where time has no beginning and no end, a space for the un-born and for the un-dead. Maybe it is a sound coming from an era before the beginning of the world, from the deepness of time.

Each concert of Candura is a rough and sharp journey (or a dive) while listening to the noise of blades cutting a feathery silence. During this voyage we remain awake, with maximum attention. There is no space for rest neither there is for distraction. Here noise is silence and silence is noise. Suddenly, we hear a primordial and archaic howl coming from this distant ice-cold wind, piercing our stunned fragility. Nobody stays on land during this musical piece: Candura uproots people from their positions and takes them to another place. At the end of the concert, everybody feels paralysed, unable to move. Was it a birth? Where did it take us? To the beginning of everything or to the end of everything? Into life’s turmoil or into the scaring crackle of death? We will never know.

It is a very romantic and terribly positive music, closer to the voice of Nature than to the voice of Man. Maybe between those tumultuous points, between the silence trying to survive and the powerful hurricane that takes everything with it, that is where some inner peace can lay. When this journey comes to an end, we put our feet back on the ground and remain silent, empty of words. Our fragmented bodies have crossed a somber landscape of wreckage, looking for light through the shrapnel. Candura is an inner mountain.” – Rui Chafes, Lisbon, Portugal, 1 March 2020