Kazuomi Eshima / Masahiko Takeda

Inheritance for Soundscape

Artwork: S.Grey

from the label:


Inheritance for Soundscape is the result of multiple layers of collaboration between sound designers Kazuomi Eshima and Masahiko Takeda. The soundscapes presented here were initially prepared for a sound installation that the two worked on in 2019 and are built upon slow, mournful drones, field recordings, deconstructed samples, and stealthy, propulsive beats. The result is a morphing diorama of spaces and situations that ask the listener to reevaluate their understanding of the relationship between space and sound. How does sound function within space? Or alternatively, how do we perceive sound in the context of a particular space? Through listening to these soundscapes and considering the above questions, Eshima and Takeda hope that each listener will make their own discoveries and thereby uncover the true function and value of their work.