Andrea Penso

La Colonna Infinita


from the label:

Andrea Penso "La Colonna Infinita"
C10 one side recycled cassette - Canto 15

* each cassette is a unique piece with an original Penso's graphic-work (gold leaf on found paper)

Recorded in Traversella - Italy, 2018.
Tape loops, vinyl loops and field recordings made in the uninhabited village of Fondo - Italy.

"La Colonna Infinita" (The Endless Column) it is inspired by the short essay " Brancusi et les mythologies" written by Mircea Eliade.

The "Column of Heaven" is an axis mundi, a mythological theme already attested in prehistoric times and which, moreover, is widespread in many variations in various eras and cultures: the Irminsul column of the ancient germans, the cosmic pillars of the North Asian populations, the central mountain, the cosmic tree, etc.
In the symbolism of the axis mundi, the axis supports Heaven and at the same time ensures the communication between Earth and Heaven.
From the ancient symbolism of the Sky Column, Constantin Brancusi took into consideration only the central element: ascension as transcendence of the human condition. He defines his column "without end", not only because such a column could never be completed, but above all because it rushes into a space that can not have limits since it is based on the ecstatic experience of absolute freedom.
An ecstatic ascension, devoid of any "mystical" character.
Rediscover the forgotten bliss of an existence freed from any conditioning system.

Andrea Penso (Italy, 1985) is a sound maker, already active under different aliases (with some albums under Denovali records).
He is part of Canti Magnetici collective / label team.