Marta Forsberg

New Love Music

Mastering: Adam Badí Donoval
Artwork: Adrienn Csaszar

from the label:

"New Love Music is a remarkably malleable composition. The stark beauty of the piece is strong enough to translate to headphones, and the sparser moments have the weird effect of making you more keenly aware of the background noise of the environment you’re listening in as well as the music itself." - The Quietus, Spool's Out cassette column

"...meditative music that slowly unfolds and shows its beauty. It is music that is more like a state than a movement." - Dagens Nyheter

"Marta Forsberg is building an epic, slowly swelling cosmos of zither, choir and sine tones... What began as a sound installation turns out to be immersive even without a light show." - Das Filter

"A terrifically beautiful release... a fascinating piece of music." - Bandcloud