Rapid Antics

Rapid Antics

Mastering: Kolya Neskorodov
Artwork: Semen Ushkov

from the label:

Moscow producer Rapid Antics debuts on ПИР with a dancefloor-ready self-titled long play. Hard drum meets ballroom-informed techno meets trappy melodies, truly original styles here.

His vibrant, syncopated style references Southern and Chinese club mutations as well as Russian "bass techno," and there is a nod to UK Funky here and there.

Rapid Antics tip-toes "the album format," yet this is a 100%-club-use kind of record. The tracks are neither merely DJ tools nor conceptual pieces. Good clean no-brow fun over 7 developed bangers, plus a remix. No ambient intros, no bullshit.

What's really special about Rapid Antics' style is that the melodies strongly remind one of horrorcore or trap beats. They are relentlessly stupid "dark circus" kind of oddities that work so well inside that canon but are impossible to use outside of it. RA somehow makes them work. Nikolai states that the primary inspiration for these tracks was laughing fits, and that could partially explain the carnival mood—anyway, gobsmacking stuff.