His Name Is Alive

Return Versions


from the label:

This is fables of the deconstruction part six point something. Return Versions Returned. The half-disciples series of deeper dives disappeared into a dub basement lurking by the empty bottles ringwear broken synths drum machines and soldering irons. Endless version excursion in the year of doom. A mono vs. stereo soundclash of ever more degraded loops.

I’ll explain it one more time: DISC6 was Return To Never by Warren Defever aka His Name Is Alive, the second collection in a trilogy of teenage ambient dream states recorded in a Livonia bedroom between 1979 and 1986. This companion volume features the drones and tones from the main LP sequenced to primitive drum tracks (with assistance from Michigan compatriot Walking Trails) to make a kind of dreamgaze beat tape.

These rhythms were then handed over to the dynamic DC duo Model Home to bring their own liberated sound ideology to proceedings, either filtering the tracks through the busted FX units of Patrick Cain to make lo-fi dubs or adding the uniquely abstracted microphone stylings of NAPPYNAPPA to produce slow-mo collapsing rap tracks for the next 5am subway ride through the far corners of your mind. Murkier than the usual stripped back Model Home aesthetic, the resulting meta-collaboration is a kind of modern day take on Keith Hudson’s downer classic Playing It Cool and Playing It Right.

Released simultaneously into a dying world that’s forgot to say “I love you” and both available on limited edition pro-dubbed cassettes with cracked mirror brother/sister artwork from Studio Tape Echo.