Artwork: Paulie Shankwank

from the label:


Compilation of unreleased archive recs by this infamous band. Contains first ever live record by the band from 2008. Rare but still crap = Rare but SP/IL crap.

Post-Materialism is technically defined as a concept of value orientation that emphasizes self-expression and quality of life over economic and physical security. The term was first coined by American social scientist Ronald Inglehart in The Silent Revolution: Changing Values and Political Styles Among Western Publics.

The group hailing from Moscow is also the demented force behind the confusing label Post-Materialization Music, spewing bizarre lumps of screen printed toxic jelly across the sub-sub-underground, and supporting a range of heavy hitter artists from across the worldwide community of experimental music.

SP/IL is a new compilation of unreleased archive recordings by this infamous troop of surrealists, containing the first ever live recordings by the band.

<<Inspired by freeform experimental groups like The Residents and Big City Orchestra, and in-league with locals like Asian Women on the Telephone and Arabian Horses, the Post-Materialists' sound is best heard in Moscow's basements and abandoned factories.

Founded in 2008, the group began as a duo, eventually evolving to include additional members joining in on anything from effects pedals to violin, embracing the spirit of live improvisation and spontaneously reactive playing.

"Post-Materialists are Pre-Etruscan romantics using hand hewn traditional instruments with 1980s Los Angeles alt rock sensibilities.">> Lighten Up Sounds (