The Night Album

Mastering: Dan 271 Smirnov
Artwork: ZonderZond

from the label:

Quite reasonably, “The Night Album” is the tape you should activate at night. When the bats of regret are singing affectingly, when elegant ghosts in diaphanous gowns dance through the ether and mutated, oiled up creatures call you from the rubber cabins in the webby, starless sky – that’s the time! More precisely, start by 3-26.

“The Night Album” was wholly conceived in the wee hours. Insomniac cadences and nocturnal vagueness prevail in most of the tracks. Continued manipulation with withered tapes and barely functioning FX boxes, battered synths and agonizing samplers resulted in 80-minute futuristic saga of psychotic hope, schizoid bravura and titanic horniness in the face of isolation, obliteration, dissociation and all the other creepy –ations that are coming at us from the hellish digital crevasse in the horizon.

From murky ambient suites to crust-saturated noise and frenetic micro-droning, parts of the night web weave into a cracked but striking audio-mural.

So play these elegiac odes to the never-ending longing for some distorted and all too-human WARMTH that the longest and kindest NIGHT will surely bring.

WOMBA is the solo moniker of Moscow-based musician Tikhon Kubov (Won James Won, Goon Gun). This project specializes in oneiric sound-collages, low-fi plunderphonic soundscapes and spazzy, elusive melodics.