The Fickle Finger



from the label:


Double one! The Fickle Finger. A guy from Netherlands from Rotsblok Records have sent his stuff for release one of the first. Electronic musical decadence containing many of styles depending by tracks. Being not able to "genre" it myself, you just gotta listen to this yourself.

<<We had to do some digging to suss out what exactly we're dealing with here, but what a weird lump of spicy sauce!

The Fickle Finger is a project of electronic artist Kevin Wetzels, hailing from The Netherlands. He is involved in several different musical endeavors, such as Master & Servant, Soulkeeper, Testimonium, and Nevik Slez, as well as operating his own label called Rotsblok Records, active since 2012.

Unwanted is the first and only release from The Fickle Finger to date, with a sonic approach ranging from more rhythmic destructive slam, to bizarre synth blat and crumbling ambient fizz. >> Lighten Up Sounds (