Winter War

Mastering: Moa Pillar
Artwork: Ivan Zoloto

from the label:


Petrozavodsk is a dub-metal trio based in Moscow and Barcelona. The sound of their debut combines venomous guitar chords, ultra-heavy bass frequencies, and mind-numbing primitive drums with dub effects on the snare and the hi-hat.

Side A, “Winter” is slow-churning dubbed-out drone metal, with feedbacking jet-engine guitar lines that at times sound closer to Ellen Fullman than metal riffs.

Caveman drums on side B, “War” possess a tribal feel, and are punctuated by booming bass and gently intoxicating guitar radiance before the whole thing is reshaped into a punishing mono-riff sludge coda.

“Winter War” was recorded at a small farm studio in Catalonia surrounded by vineyards and horses, with two guitar and two bass stacks. This was played very loud, and we recommend you adjust the volume on your stereo accordingly.

The band collaborated with Russian electronic artist Moa Pillar, who mixed and mastered the record in Moscow.