Roadman DSP

28 DSP [second edition]

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artist's statement:


An Iceman Junglist Statement, 18th October 2020

28 DSP is an 11-minute DJ mix of jungle, grime and garage processed thru the custom built Iceman DSP (2019-2020)

Hotwired during the Mashed On Pills (The Tapeworm) & Grimescapes (YOUTH) sessions and originally been circulated as a LTD DL that started the Not On label (Roadman DSP) series which went onto debut projects from Iceman associates Ryun Ehlke, Chino Balance, Coke Wizard & Chill Meres + the Grimescapes album 'NTS_Erosions [Mix_4_Space_Afrika_2020].

With the release of 28 DSP [Second Edition] the IJK has been disbanded and all previous master files have been deleted, there is a possibility of future IJK transmissions any date or time for these remains for now, uncertain/undisclosed.

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