Catherine Lamb / the Harmonic Space Orchestra

Prisma Interius VII & VIII

Mastering: Giuseppe Ielasi

from the label:

In Catherine Lamb's Prisma Interius series the unpredictability of the outside articulates the field of perception through precise bandpass filters, while acoustic instruments and musicians guide the unfolding of its harmonic space. A series of nine pieces exploring the potential of the Secondary Rainbow synthesizer, an instrument developed in 2016-2017 with Bryan Eubanks, that uses the live environment outside the performance space as a noise generator for basic subtractive synthesis. The intention is to dynamically fuse the outside world and acoustic instruments and what emerges is a sort of Aeolian harp residue highlighting the spectral information the listener might perceive in a given moment. A beautiful addition to an already impressive catalog of recordings and scores by the young composer.


recorded by Adam Asnan, August 7th, 2019