Ivan Palacky / Lukas Simonis

Smet Het Bew Erf Left

Artwork: Red Bol

from the label:
The two long pieces on this CD consist of improvisations on knitting machine Dopleta 180 and guitar. On one hand the music is rough, edgy and uses a broad field of sounds that do not necessarily go into music-related atmospheres but border on concrete and field noises. On the other hand, the music can be listened to in an ambient context, as for some mysterious reason the musical landscape that unfolds seems to be located somewhere in between quite abstract free improv music and some sort of experimental ambient...
In October 2018, Ivan Palacký and Lukas Simonis met again as a duo after about 10 years. During their Austrian tour in 2008, they made an adventurous expedition in the wild surroundings of the mountain village of Harrachsthal. The small tour they did in CZ that resulted in this recording was their next little outing. It is very likely that the duo will meet again in 2020 and then after another ten years, ie in 2030.
As for the title of the CD; Both performers have a rich experience with intuitive speeches during the performance and therefore usage of some random words into the abstract sonic structure is not excluded in the happening, although it will be hard to decipher them from these recordings.