Touch 25

Mastering: Denis Blackham

from the label:


TOUCH 25th Anniversary edition CD with exclusive tracks from:
Oren Ambarchi | Biosphere | Fennesz | Bruce Gilbert | Ryoji Ikeda | Philip Jeck | Jóhann Jóhannsson | Jacob Kirkegaard | Mother Tongue | BJNilsen | Pan Sonic | Rosy Parlane | Peter Rehberg | Rafael Toral | Mark Van Hoen | Chris Watson |

There are also several insert recordings and a live edit from Hild Sofie Tafjord & Tanja Orning

Touch was conceived by Jon Wozencroft in 1981, and released its first cassette magazine ‘Feature Mist’ in 1982.

This compilation was produced initially for the magazine, His Voice, to promote new music in the Czech and Slovak Republics. These questions [below] were originally in response to Hynek Dedecius and Pavel Klusak at His Voice. This edition was made for Qwartz 4, Paris.