Stefan Goldmann

A1 Tools

Mastering: Mike Grinser
Artwork: Viet Hoa Le

from the label:

Rough techno versions, derived from Stefan Goldmann's synth-heavy 'A1' film soundtrack. Five cuts remixed into the mighty 4/4 grid (mostly). Free wheeling hardware synthesis and heavy-handed beats line up for concrete-blasting impact on 'Constructor' and 'A-Drive'. The B2's 'Spikes' is a more loose affair around a scintillating analogue synth riff. Contrastingly, 'Inward Slope' features a warped beat layout and wavetable splashes, sounding like a weeping robot fighting with a cat. 'Roadside Lot' is a soothing ambient FM tech tool. That's it. On to the next fifty.

Please note that 'Inward Slope' and 'Roadside Lot' (A1 Tools extended versions) are available on vinyl only. Short digital versions are available as part of the soundtrack release A1.