Mark Templeton

Distorted Tourist

Mastering: Giuseppe Ielasi

from the label: 


Graphical Recordings is pleased to present Distorted Tourist, a major new work by Mark Templeton. Distorted Tourist is the visual, auditory, and textual travelogue of journeys through five manufactured and reclaimed landscapes. The book contains five one-sided flexi disc records with compositions corresponding to five apocryphal places.

Stemming from routine drives across industrial-commercial areas near the artist’s neighborhood, each photograph captures, mid-fall, the familiar and uncanny spaces of dislocated urban decay — monuments to the failures of modernity. Rather than attractions, the tourist here bears witness to the inevitability of moths and rust.

Each location is captured sonically in augmented field recordings, a soundtrack haunted by deceased materials and dying matter. Templeton’s signature compositional characteristics — faraway melodies, recurrent phrases, ruined echoes — evoke a cyclical trajectory toward Distorted Tourist’s center, the concentric spiral of a record, a voyage on misremembered roads into the middle.

Accompanying journal entries written by the author Ryan Diduck summon the hallucinatory diary of a Herzogian quest against reverse rotation. Photos and text appear to form and deform on the page. Together, the manuscript, sounds, and photographs represent an impossible portrayal, an audio-optical illusion, the roadmap to an eerie expedition that is at once unreal and urgent.