Paul Chain

Is Dead Volume 1

Mastering: Mikey Young

from the label:

Paul Chain is the anglicised pseudonym used by the Italian outsider Paolo Catena from 1977-2003. He’s known primarily in the world of doom metal, but there’s so much more to his work. This 93 minute, officially licensed, double compilation LP seeks to present his mind-bending, genre-defying music to a wider audience.

Paul Chain Is Dead Volume 1 features ambient, post-industrial, minimal synth, and psych-folk tracks orbiting the riff-driven 20+ minute centrepiece Tetri Teschi In Luce Viola.

Some of these tracks are appearing on vinyl for the first time while others are now back in print after 30 years.

Paul Chain’s story is one of spiritual and musical (mis)adventure, self-sabotage, and unwanted cult-status. All of this led Paolo to disown the Paul Chain catalogue when he announced the artistic death of Paul Chain in 2003.

Essential listening for anyone interested in the Nurse With Wound list or the 80’s underground tape scene.