Mastering: Stephan Mathieu

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SYN is the second album by Innode, a trio featuring Steven Hess and Bernhard Breuer on drums as well as Stefan Németh on synthesizers and sampler. Initiated as a solo project by Németh, Innode transformed into a band while working on the live presentation of Gridshifter, the debut recording on Editions MEGO, which was centered around electronic pieces with contributions by Breuer and Hess on separate tracks.


On SYN, all three musicians provided creative input on the album's development from inception to completion. Sounds, fragments, and arrangements were exchanged and reshaped to form preliminary versions of the compositions, which were subsequently recorded by the trio in the studio. More space was given to the spontaneous interaction between individual band members.


The music of Innode has been described as rhythm and noise, with electronic and acoustic elements assembled into precise, quasi-minimalist constructions. With SYN, the band expands on this basic idea in terms of form and sonic palette. There is a clear shift away from programmed drum patterns toward acoustic or electronic drums played live. Synthesizer sounds are still pure, and the arrangement remains controlled, but Innode has broadened their musical investigations to include more expressive passages and micro-melodies. In contrast to previous works, the tracks represent an integration of material coming from three musicians, finally merging into a single unit.