Piezo / Ansia

Water Chamber (ft. Sunun)

Mastering: Lewis at Stardelta
Artwork: Studio Tape-Echo

from the label:

A metaphorical depiction of a coming of age ritual in a Zulu tribe, extended over time, under the sun – re-told in the shape of Sunun’s abstracted vocal poetry, and guided, one note, one step at a time, by Piezo’s instrumental, a melancholy depth charge that recalls his time spent in Bristol, and was written shortly after his return to his hometown Milan.

A proud addition to our slowly, but surely building series of 7″s on the label, we would say that this is a timeless piece of music, both in the sense that it will stand up as a solid tune in years to come, but also in the sense it that will control the mood and put you in a different place for the full duration of its rotation, no matter when, or where it is played. Truly captivating, time drifting sounds.